Why we are different…

At 360 Wellness we are focussed on a vitalistic philosophy of health and wellness.  The idea that we cannot understand everything that happens in the body with the current level of science available today, in other words, there seems to be an organisation to the systems of our body that we cannot fully understand. Even as science continues to advance the understanding of human anatomy and physiology our team recognises that we will never have more knowledge of the body, than the body itself.  Our education is never as comprehensive as the innate wisdom inside everyone one of our bodies, and it is this wisdom that orchestrates the health and wellness of individual. 


Understanding the role of Chiropractic.

At 360 wellness we understand that many factors can impact your health.  The stresses of daily life can often compromise your body's ability to adapt to its environment, which can lead to a less than optimal expression of your health potential.  

As chiropractors we are continually amazed at the incredible healing capacity of the body.  We believe that the body has the best ability to self heal, self control and self regulate, if there is no interference in the nervous system. We facilitate the optimal expression of your body for greater health and wellness. 

We aim to improve the function of your nervous system by removing interference to its ability to control and regulate itself.  When people come to our clinic we determine if they are in the best place to achieve their health goals. We complete a thorough health history and examination.  Our goal is to find areas of your spine that are functioning normally, if we do find these subluxations then we know that you are in the correct office to help improve your health potential.  Improving the nervous system integrity will allow the body to perform better, this can help a variety of health issues, but out goal at this clinic is to restore nervous system function and not necessarily treat specific ailments.  When the nervous system works the body can heal. 


brad atkinson

Dr Brad Atkinson

Dr. Brad graduated from RMIT in 2002. He has a strong philosophy in wellness chiropractic and focuses on improving the health of the community through enhancing spinal health and wellbeing. Dr Brad enjoys working with elite athletes he holds an international chiropractic sports science diploma (ICSSD). Dr. Brad loves working with kids and offers care from to all members of the community from newborns to the elderly. Dr. Brad has two young children, and his wife Kate also works behind the scenes at 360 wellness. Dr. Brad has served as an executive board member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia Victorian branch for the last 4 years. He is heavily involved in educating chiropractors with involvement in organising seminars throughout Australia.

Day/s and Hours of Consulting:
Monday 8am – 11am and 3pm – 7pm
Thursday 8am-11am and 3pm – 7pm