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Sports Chiropractic….

  • Sports chiropractic is defined as conservative care aimed at improving the neuromusculoskeletal system.  This is important in making sure that athletes, as well as weekend warriors, have the chance to perform at there best.


  • Allowing optimal movement and power are important to any athlete’s performance. As chiropractors we recognise that nerve system provides control of these functions.  Therefore maintaining nerve system integrity of the human body is paramount to enhancing performance and results.


  • Improved function throughout competition and training should inevitably allow athletes to train more effectively to boost performance. I believe that chiropractic care strengthens the notion of training smarter, not harder.


  • For me as a sports chiropractor my number one goal is to work with athletes to improve the way they function. Many sports chiropractors are utilizing physiotherapy models of care from rehabilitation through to physiological therapeutics (differing machines) in an effort to compete for a slice of this demographic. I would like to think that I am different.  Working along side other health care professionals like the Physiotherapists and podiatrists allows me to focus on my number one objective, which is to maximise the potential of the nerve system to control and co-ordinate the body effectively.


  • Our body uses the nerve system to convey information to understand the external environment.  From what we see, hear, touch and taste our brain receives signals and integrates these messages to determine how best to adapt to the perceived needs of the body. One of the most important of these senses is known as proprioception – this is information send to the brain about how the body positions itself.   As a sports chiropractor the joints and structure of the body need to work well to provide accurate proprioceptive information to the brain so the body can work best.  Complete range of movement within the joints, strong and flexible support via the ligaments, and fast acting, powerful muscles will provide the best chance for the body to do what it needs, most effectively.


  • As a chiropractor Dr. Brad has worked with many elite athletes including International soccer players, Basketball, Olympic Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, Boxers and bodybuilders, to name a few.


  • So whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete be sure to include chiropractic into your health care regime. 

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