360 Running (Coach Kate)


fullsizeoutput_84360 Running (Coach Kate) offers personal, individualised training programs for adults who are interested in distance running. This includes any distance from 5km to an Ultra-Marathon. It is easy nowadays to go on-line and find generic programs. The difference between these programs and Coach Kate, is the personal, individualised care that you will receive.

My story…

When I was in my twenties, I began running to help improve asthma and lose some weight. My first fun run was Very Special Kids 10km in 2000. Very Special Kids meant a great deal to me because I previously volunteered for them. Ever since, I’ve tried to link my running events with a charity or fundraise for a cause.

In 1995, I graduated from RMIT – Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Myotherapy). In 1999, I returned to study at VU – Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management. I began working as a Personal Trainer and running quickly became my specialty area. I trained people for 5km runs – half marathons. I LOVE researching anything to do with running. I studied technique, programming, nutrition, gear, events etc. I began running with friends and realised running would always be part of my life!

In 2006, I became pregnant with my first child. I had two significant breaks from running during my two pregnancies, but worked hard each time to get back into it. Since having children, I have run a little, a lot and everything in between. It is challenging juggling family, business, work, school, home duties, sleep and everything else.

In 2012, I was told I needed hip surgery (FAI and labrum). I decided before I went under the knife I would run a marathon! In 2014, I ran my first marathon in Canberra and my second marathon six months later in Melbourne. In 2015, I ran my first ultra-marathon in South Africa (my ultimate goal is to return to South Africa in 2018 to run the most prestigious ultra-marathon in world – Comrades). In August 2015, I had hip surgery. I couldn’t run for five months (longest five months of my life)! However, it was the right decision. It has taken a lot of hard work to come back and although I’ll always manage some niggles and weaknesses, I’m a much stronger and smarter runner now!IMG_7440

Over the past few years, I have faced some health challenges; asthma/hayfever, hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and depression. Through my own experiences and work as a personal trainer, I believe I can offer support, understanding and advice (you should always seek advice from your doctor for medical conditions).

In 2016, I completed my Level 2 Recreational Running Coach qualification and Functional Movement Screen and Systems Level 1. I LOVE that I can combine my passion for the human body, running and helping others achieve their goals. I offer my clients 100% of my knowledge, energy and passion. And I’m excited about what the future may bring.


What are the pros of choosing me to be your coach?

Personal and Individualised programs – All programs are tailored-made with consideration for you, your life, your time, your energy, your family, your health, your age, your gender and your goals. It is all about YOU!

Honest and open personality – I offer clients nothing but the truth! I am honest and open, and prefer the same in return. I like to listen.

Qualifications – I’m a qualified Myotherapist, Personal trainer and Running coach. I have additional qualifications in Sports Nutrition and Functional Movement Systems. My strengths are technique, goal setting and programming.

Injury management – My qualifications and experience working alongside other practitioners i.e. (Brad Atkinson – Chiropractor) has helped further my knowledge of common running injuries. I can also draw on personal experience.  

Mental training – I have a particular interest and focus on mental training; positive self-talk, mantras, visualization and meditation. This is a massive component of distance running.

Time management and organisational skills – I’m organised, diligent and conscientious. Part of my role, is to make it easier for you to run, which involves organising your life!

Health – I can offer support, understanding and advice regarding health issues.  I have additional training in pre and post-natal care.

Nutrition – Experience and additional training in nutrition (I’ve overcome some personal struggles with food too).

Research and passion – I research anything fitness and running related, and I willingly provide articles, relevant current trends and offer advice for clients. I LOVE to share my passion for running with others.

Experienced runner – I have completed over 10 marathons or ultra-marathons including; Canberra marathon, Melbourne marathon, Two Oceans 56km, Great Ocean Road 60km, The Tan marathon, Marysville marathon, Run for the Young marathon, Two Bays 56km, Brimbank 50km and Princess Park 50km.

Network connections – I have connections in the running and, health and fitness community. I will recommend others trainers if I believe they can serve you better. I enjoy working with other fitness and health professionals to better serve you.

* Disclosure/Disclaimer – you must always seek advice from a doctor and/or other health professional for any injury and/or illness.

Questions I have for YOU?

SMART Goals – What are your goals? Try to make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Why do you run? – Why do you run? What motivates you? What are your likes and dislikes? Are you intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?

What is your ultimate goal? – What are your A-races? What are your B-races? What’s your ultimate dream goal? (This is not a commitment)

When you do perform best? – Do you prefer running in the morning or afternoon? Do you have set days you run or don’t run? 

What are your biggest obstacles? – Do you have any current injuries or aches/pains? Do you have any health concerns? Do you struggle with mental strength, motivation or discipline?

What is your lifestyle like? – Do you have a family? Do you work? Do you eat well? Do you sleep enough? Do you have a work-life balance? How would you describe your lifestyle?

What are you looking for in a running coach? – We can all find on-line programs so why are you interested in a coach? What are you looking for or hoping to achieve? What do you want to focus on; i.e. technique, programming, motivation, confidence, knowledge, goal-setting?


What are the costs?

Coaching packages are usually offered in blocks of 12-weeks ($300) or 16-weeks ($400).

360 Running Coaching offers;
– Personalised Program (amendments as needed)
– Weekly check-in & communication via email and phone

– Invitation to closed 360 Running Facebook group

– Additional communication/correspondence as needed
– Advice on Strength training & Injury Management
– Advice on Nutrition
– Mental training & preparation
– 1-on-1 Running or Strength sessions available (additional fee)

For more information;

Email: kateatkinson74@hotmail.com

Phone: 0431148488