Mission Statement

Our mission at 360 Wellness is to have the greatest impact on the health of as many individuals as possible. We strive to maximize every persons potential for brilliance, happiness and success by empowering them with education on health and wellness. We aim to raise the spirit of the community by contributing back to the people within the region. We want to inspire change in everybody we touch and communicate our message with, and in turn positively impact the health status of the community, the city and consequently the globe.


What’s Happening At 360 Wellness

Your brain sends messages to your nervous system, which co-ordinates your muscles and organs. Nerves in your neck serve the eyes, ears, heart, shoulders and arms. Nerves in your back serve the digestive system, liver, kidneys, reproductive organs and legs. A misalignment (subluxation) causes interference with these messages. An adjustment can remove the interference and assist your body in reaching optimal health.

Free Health Talks

Our next Health Talk is – Seven Essentials for Health.

We will be looking at the seven most important things that you need for a happy, health life.

Wednesday 9th of April at 4.45pm. Call 9800-5350 to book your seat.